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Stand Up for Stirchley

Lead petitioner : Mary Locke

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Status: Collecting signatures


We object to Lidl, and call on the Council to support the future of Stirchley that benefits its local residents, community and businesses - not supermarkets.

Background information

Despite over 400 residents objecting to the Lidl supermarket application, the Council's planning committee approved it - despite turning it down just 2 weeks before.

Stirchley is supermarket saturated, and another supermarket in addition to the new Tesco will threaten the very survival of our local businesses and shops which lie at the heart of our community.

The opening of Lidl will mean the closing of Fitness First and PSL Bowling, our only local leisure facility of its kind that is popular with local residents and directly contributes to the health and wellbeing of our local community.

Traffic is already a major issue around the area where Lidl would be built, and extra traffic (including large delivery lorries) will cause chaos to local residents, including vulnerable and elderly residents living next door to the site.

Finally, and ultimately, this is not what our local community wants or needs. We have said no, over 400 times. It’s time we are listened to.

We do not want to become a supermarket highway. Say no to Lidl, say no to anymore supermarkets, regenerate according to the needs of the local community, and Stand Up for Stirchley!

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