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Save Moseley Baths

Lead petitioner : Islam Issa

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Status: Awaiting submission


The Moseley Road Swimming Pool serves the local community.

The Edwardian building is a landmark of the Balsall Heath area.

The signatories call for Moseley Baths to remain open and accessible for the community. We call for the Council to complete a full review of the situation, and to do everything within its means to keep the baths open, including application for the Lottery Heritage Fund and other such funding streams to help keep the building in operation.


Background information

Mosely Road Swimming Pool is popular among people of all ages and from many parts of the city.

Its men-only and women-only times serve the needs of the local community.

It has long been a landmark of the Balsall Heath area.

In 2007 it featured on the Victorian Society's list of the ten most endangered buildings in Britain.

As the Friends of Moseley Baths state on their website: "Condemning the building in this way is bad news for swimmers, especially for schools who are required to provide lessons for pupils. It is a disaster for the local community who are concerned about a derelict building standing in the heart of their community".

They also report that the Council has already refused to apply for the Lottery Heritage Fund.


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