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Cycling Lanes for Hagley Road, Birmingham

Lead petitioner : Julie Oneill

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Status: Awaiting submission


Adequately researched, developed and implemented cycle lanes and routes for the Hagley road and commitment for cycling provision to be included in future Urban city/road planning.

Background information

This provision is needed to ensure cyclists have safe commuting and leisure access in and out of the city on the Hagley road. This road is notoriously congested with a spatial imbalance in that the roads fluctuate between having two and three lanes both in and out of the city. On neither side of these roads are there any cycle provision adding to a high risk of probability of cycle and vehicle collision.
On Wednesday 5th July I was impacted by a car while cycling on the Hagley road, from the rear and the right side. I was incredibly lucky to escape with cuts and bruises; many cyclist are not so lucky.
A cycle lane properly separated by a bank, verge, wall or island would dramatically reduce the risk of a vehicle making this sort of potentially fatal contact with a cyclist.
My own incident is not an isolated on with this stretch of road having a history of accidents with cyclists and vehicles.
West Midlands Police themselves recognized this when last year they launched a very public initiative aimed at drivers on the Hagley road keeping safe distances from cyclists; this is know as a 'safe pass' with the legal distance being a minimum of 1.5 Metres.
The officer (and cyclist) instrumental in the initiative PC Mark Hodson saying, 'We've attended some horrific scenes where cyclists have been wiped out by drivers who've not even seen them'and while this initiative has focused on the behavior of drivers; well functioning cycle routes and lanes would undoubtably support this initiative overall.
Cycle lanes on this road would also encourage more people to commute as opposed to using cars to journey into the city whether for work, University, school or leisure; while reducing congestion and harmful emissions.
These environmental aspects also sit alongside the city concils own historical pledges and aims in creating a healthier and fitter city community.
Ensuring adequately sophisticated and consistent cycle lanes were in place would instill a huge amount of confidence in working towards achieving those pledges; which would not only be beneficial for the people of Birmingham but also for visitors to the city.
Research and development in Holland offers up multiple solutions for safe cycling. Some options related to road sharing between vehicles and cyclists, with cyclists often given priority at spaces such as busy roundabouts, with cycle awareness/training automatically part of the learner drivers experience.Other options involve separate two way lanes for commuting with no road sharing with vehicles,to whole road stretches which are vehicle free.
The structures in Holland are automatically part of Urban and City plans and through creative planning and solutions are often merged into established infrastructure of paths or verges, utilizing appropriate options.
The development of cycling provision in other congested parts of the city such as the Bristol road and from Perry Bar into the city is welcomed but this provision is drastically needed now for the Hagley. road

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