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Harborne Line Cycle/Walkway tunnel re-opening

Lead petitioner : Tim Weller

Status: New > Draft > Rejected > Accepted > Collecting signatures > Awaiting submission > Submitted > Pending owner response > Closed > Withdrawn

Status: Collecting signatures


We are asking for a cutting and re-opening of the Victorian railway tunnel beneath Northbrook Street, Summerfield to allow walkers to use the steps and cyclists to use the very short tunnel route.

Background information

The tunnel was opened for about a year from 2014 to 2015 for maintenance. However, despite the best efforts of Pushbikes, the tunnel was refilled, once more. It can be cheaply dug out, again. This time, a cutting must also be dug to the tunnel entrance. At the other end of the tunnel, the cycle/walkway comes out onto a platform, with ramp to the towpath pointing to Birmingham city centre.

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