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Lead petitioner : Brenda Wilson

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Status: Submitted


We are firmly against Aldi Stores Ltd building on land in Old Horns Crescent,Great Barr B43 7HA. Destroying a woodland with trees with TPO orders on them and valuable wildlife habitat for a food store that is neither wanted or needed.

Background information

The Friends of Queslett Nature Reserve are completely opposed to Aldi Stores Ltd building a store on land that is directly adjacent to The Queslett Nature Reserve. With concerns that the building and placement of this store will have adverse effects on the neighbouring Queslett Nature Reserve and the surrounding area with increase in traffic. Pollution, noise and there will be an increase in litter and dumped trollies on the reserve. Also, we have every reason to believe that it will attract more anti-social behaviour which will spill out onto the reserve. The area is already at saturation level with food stores. With the existing Asda in Old Horns Crescent. Aldi already have a store half a mile down to road from the planned site. And there are two more Aldi supermarkets in a 2 mile distance as well as small independent shops. Co-op and a Tesco at New Oscott

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