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Taxi Ranks Ladywell Walk- pryzm Broad St.

Lead petitioner : Muhammad Ilyas

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Status: Collecting signatures


We request council to place night time (10:00-06:00 taxi ranks
1- outside Arcadian ladywell walk which is one of the busiest place in town especially on weekends. Due to the removal of old taxi rank from there all we see there is out of town plyers very openly touting for jobs and picking up jobs all night from there. Which is putting public safety at risk.

Background information

2- Pryzm Broad st.
There is a taxi rank on the opposite side of Birmingham's biggest club but it is so dangerous that practically it is impossible for passengers to go all the way across to get a cab especially when they have plyers parked right next to the door step and willing to pick any passengers who are coming out.By not having this rank at the right place, what happens is that when a large number of people come out of this club, PH vehicles parked outside will start picking and choosing the best jobs which causes a huge traffic jam and puts public safety at risk and makes emergency services job much harder.

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