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A34 Speeding and Red Light Problem

Lead petitioner : Profulla Patel

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Status: Collecting signatures


To install average speed cameras and red light cameras on the A34 starting on Walsall Road Perry Barr through to Birmingham City Centre over the flyovers and underpasses.

Background information

There is an increasing problem concerning speeding cars and motorbikes using the A34 as a racetrack. It is not uncommon to see cars travelling well in excess of the 40mph speed limit and routinely jumping red lights along the stretch from Tower Hill to One Stop Shopping Centre. Accidents are commonplace at junctions with Perry Avenue and Beeches Road. The problem of speeding intensifies on the flyovers heading into and out of Birmingham as there is no speed enforcement at all. I propose that red light cameras and speed cameras are installed along this entire stretch of road to combat the problem driving on this road.

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